In order to achieve the objectives of the department, JHEV will continue to provide quality services and transparent as follows:

  1. Review and process the following payment within 14 days from the date of receipt of complete documents:

    • The pension service
    • Compensation Services
    • Interest Replace leave
    • Cessation of mobilization allowance
    • Disability benefits
    • Death benefits to dependents of military personnel who died in service
  2. Review and process the payment of derivative pension to the dependents of deceased retirees within 45 working days from the date of receiving of complete documents
  3. Ensure at least 85% of applications Veterans Welfare Assistance Scheme ATM and dependents is received in the process within 21 working days:
    1. Cost of living
    2. Schooling
    3. IPT
    4. Equipment patients
    5. Disaster / Emergency
  4. Implementing courses / training 20 times a year to enhance and strengthen the socio-economic and   employment opportunities for Veterans ATM.
  5. Resolve customer complaints within 7 working days.