1. Who are categorized as ATM Veterans?

Malaysian citizens who have full-time service in the security forces comprising of former members:

  1. Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM);
  2. ATMs Reserve Force deployed full-time;
  3. Team Force 136;
  4. British Army who served in Malaya / Singapore (British Army), and
  5. Sarawak Rangers

2.How many of the Veterans ATM?

Their number is estimated at 450,000 people. On an average of 5,000 ATM permanent members leave services every year.

3.Is there any privileges given by the Government to the Veterans ATM?

In addition to assistance schemes by JHEV, all categories of ATM Veterans eligible for free medical care at the hospital/ government clinics, according to the criteria set out by the Ministry of Health

4.How to become a member of the Veterans ATM?

Malaysian citizens who had participated in any of the security services such as ATM, Reserve Force ATMs are deployed full-time, Force 136, Sarawak Rangers & the British Army who served in Malaya / Singapore.Veterans are eligible for ATM to get services from JHEV.

5.Are Veterans ATM can get free treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN)?

ATM Veterans eligible for free treatment. Nevertheless ATM Veterans seeking treatment at IJN should first examined and then referenced by any government hospital.

6.What is the difference between the role Affairs Corporation Former Armed Forces (PERHEBAT) with JHEV?

From 2002 PERHEBAT will only run on the role as a training center and courses to prospective pensioners forces, including the army of the former Veterans while JHEV ATM will act in matters relating to the welfare, job matching service (job matching), entrepreneur development, pensions payment in line with a role as a one-stop agency.

7.What is Government hospital / clinic ?

Any hospital / clinic administered by the government includes any university hospitals and other Foundation Medical Federation. (RSAT and HAT are included in this definition)

8.How about the Homeguard, State and Territorial Defense Force at the weekend?

All of them are non-veterans ATM as set definition. This means JHEV not have jurisdiction power to deal with their problems.

9.Do JHEV recognize associations / organizations / clubs established by the Veterans ATM?

JHEV recognized associations / organizations / clubs established by the Veterans ATM as long as it is registered with The Registrar of Societies under the Societies Act 1966.