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KUALA LUMPUR- The expertise of military veterans who have specific skills such as intelligence is very much needed to help

On May 9, 2015, JHEV ATM of Johor Branch organize a Mobile Counter in conjunction with its 10th Annual General Meeting.

PAPAR - A total of 25 veteran members of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) which has served the country against the communists in the Emergency are awarded with Malaysia Service Medal (PJM).

SIBU- The sacrifice of soldiers and military veterans who willing to pawn their lives at the end of the gun in order to maintain the safety and security of the country should be respected by all walks of life today and in the future.

Member of Legislative Assembly (ADUN) Nangka, Dr Annuar Rapa'ee said not many people including himself in a state of a soldier who was able to fight alone for the safety and security of the country.

Sambutan Hari Ulang Tahun TLDM Ke -81 telah diadakan pada :-

Tarikh : 25/04/2015


ROMPIN - All veterans of the armed forces are required to register with the Association of Military Affairs in their areas and update the information to enable the association to distribute the facilities and assistance available.

MUADZAM SHAH- YB. Dato 'Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Minister of Defense awarded the Malaysia Service Medal (PJM) to the ATM Veteran. The ceremony held  at the Great Hall of Bandar Muadzam Shah, Muadzam Shah, Rompin, Pahang.

JHEV Kelantan and Terengganu have delivered wheelchair aid to the Veterans who are paralyzed and who had disabled children. The grant is given to honor the service and sacrifice of former soldiers who previously contributed a lot during their service in the Armed Forces. Thus, to some extent can ease and facilitate their daily movement.