Ex-Gratia Duty Injury - Lump Sum(EXP)

Ex-Gratia Duty Injury - Lump Sum (EXP) is paid lump sum to officers whom duty injury cause 20% or below disability

Are you eligible?

Officers that are eligible to receive Lump Sum Ex-Gratia (EXP) :

  • Disability level assessment of 20% and below.
  • Duty related disability
  • Assessment and verification of disability are performed by Determination Cause Committee (LPS) in Health Services Section (BPK)
  • Benefit will not be paid if Veteran pass away

About Lump Sum Ex-Gratia

  • This benefit is paid in lump sum to officers whom duty related injury causes disability of 20% and below
  • Duty related disability
  • Ex-Gratia Duty Injury is paid when verification of disability are performed by Determination Cause Committee (LPS)
  • This benefit is based on salary and regular allowances when injury occured.

How much is EXP?

Payment are calculated based on:

([Salary + Allowance*]** / 30) x 0.9 x Disability Level (e.g 21% = 0.21) x Current actuary value (as per PMAT 9/2008) x 0.8 = Lump Sum Ex-Gratia

* Regular allowance that is not a reimbursement
** Subjected to maximum of RM2,000 per month. Maximum rate has increase to RM3,000 per month for injury / death after 1 July 2015.

When EXP is paid?

EXP (Lump Sum Ex-Gratia) is a lump sum payment to officers who applied.

Payment method

EXP is credited directly to officers bank account.

How to apply?

  • Officers perform health check-up RSAT/PPAT or closest hospital.
  • If officers suffer permanent disability, a Medical Board will be organized.
  • LPS will convene to assess disability level and whether the injury is duty-related or not.
  • JRP will process payment approval and payment will go thru JHEV.

Need help?

Please note that pension application and remuneration are under administration of Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen(JRP), MAFHQ. You could contact JRP directly at:

Jabatan Arah Rekod dan Pencen
Markas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
Kementerian Pertahanan
Jalan Padang Tembak
50634 Kuala Lumpur
Phone no:
03-2071 5731


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